Ok… so a little more about me, the addict

August 31, 2009 at 1:45 pm (FILM, TV)

So to explain why the post is so painful to write I need to tell you a little bit more about myself. I am the kind of person that is desperately trying to improve myself to be more well-rounded. I really love to learn new things (so this begs the question–why did you graduate college a year early?? I don’t know…) But recently I’ve been trying to become a better piano player, learn to play the guitar and a few other things. I’m also considering getting my MBA soon. So this weekend I went to a class to help me with my new love- rowing… sculling to be more accurate. And my hands and fingers hurt so bad today thus the pain. I went to two all-day classes Saturday and Sunday and man is that hard work. (and I only fell into the lake once!)

So I have been falling behind in my movie watching. These are the movies I want to see- Paper Heart, Adam, Taking Woodstock, and Inglorious Basterds plus Gamer, Extract and possibly All About Steve which looks really stupid to me.

Have I mentioned how great television is on Sunday nights? It’s so hard… my DVR can’t take it. First off is my favorite television show True Blood. Ah, Brilliant! And the last show of this season is in two weeks and I am super sad. But, then we get Bored to Death, HBO’s new show featuring the ever-awesome Jason Schwartzman. Then, there is a second season of Tool Academy. This show is so funny and last night definitely brought us some quotable lines- “she was pissed to her highest pistivity.” And then I also have Entorage, HGTV’s Design Star, ABDC…. did I tell you how hard this is on my DVR?


Update- OMG! I just saw this!!!

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