Good News on Wednesday

August 5, 2009 at 9:58 pm (HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP)

Well a few happy things to report….

Laura Ling and Euna Lee are on American soil tonight!!!

I am so happy about this. After 5 months of captivity and being sentenced to 12 years hard labor for crimes against North Korea, Ling and Lee are now home and safe. President Bill Clinton traveled to North Korea to negotiate their release earlier this week and after a sit down with Kim Jong Il, the two reporters were given amnesty and released.

“We feared at any moment that we could be sent to a hard labor camp, and then suddenly we were told we were going to a meeting,” a tearful and emotional Ling said at a news conference Wednesday morning. “We were taken to a location, and when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us President Bill Clinton. We were shocked, but we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end.”

YAY! I am so happy that Lee is finally reunited with her daughter and Ling with her husband.

True Blood’s Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin are engaged!

Again… I love them and are happy for them. This is what was posted on People Magazine online…

“It’s true love for True Blood couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. The two are engaged to be married, reps for both actors on the HBO vampire series confirm to PEOPLE exclusively.

No further details were available.

Paquin, who plays telepathic Sookie Stackhouse on True Blood, is originally from New Zealand and won a 1994 Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as the precocious child in The Piano.

Moyer, from Essex, England, plays bloodsucking Bill Compton on the series. He also has two children from previous relationships: a son, Billy, born in 2000, and a daughter, Lilac, born in 2002.

Last month, Paquin, 27, said of her nude love scenes with Moyer, 39: “Obviously, if you’re already with that person then you’re not having to sort of get over the ‘Wow, I’m naked with someone that I don’t even know the middle name of!'”

For his part, Moyer has said of his lady love, “My girl is hardcore.”

AHHH! They are so cute!

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