Was Funny People supposed to be funny?

July 31, 2009 at 11:02 pm (FILM)


Was Funny People supposed to be funny? Cause if it was, I missed that. But lemme start with a little summary before I go into that.

Funny People is about a bromance (what else would come from Judd Apatow) between a big time comedian that makes crappy movies, Adam Sandler…. I mean Sandler playing George Simmons… well really playing himself, and a up-and-coming comedian that he asks to write him joke and be his assistant. George feels like he needs to find himself again after being diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and starts doing stand up. Once he goes into remission, he decides to try and reconnect with an old flame as well.

Um… if that description seems odd and jumping around. it’s because that is what the movie is like. So for a movie with “funny” in the title, this movie really isn’t that funny… really it’s depresssing and really, really long. It was over 2 hours and it felt like it. Plus, you really don’t have any sympathy for any character in this movie. They are all kind of a-holes. So by the end, you don’t care what happens… you just want it to end. Ok…the stand-up is funny, but I can watch Comedy Central for that. The movie itself is lame and is really the same stuff that Judd Apatow shoves down our throats. Apatow is a one-trick pony and this movie really shows it.

My Rating: D   This movie left me in a terrible mood. I would not recommend it.

So I typically don’t post about my personal life on here, but I am just putting one thing out there. I am a recent college graduate looking for a marketing or public relations job. I am not having the greatest luck right now. It really does not matter where, I just want a job so if you know of anything or have any ideas of where to look, please help an addict out….

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