My Updates on My Summer Goal

July 29, 2009 at 4:01 pm (FILM)

So like I posted about a month ago, I am trying to see all of the movies on the user-rated top 250 movies. Well I’m making headway and I am super excited about my project. For the first half of and really most of July, I hadn’t made any progress. I got into a real roll in June and then, life caught up to me. But I’m trying to get back into the project again. I love movies so much I’m willing to sacrifice watching Mamma Mia and Juno for the 15th time on HBO.

Recently, I’ve watched All About Eve. I actually held on to this Netflix DVD for like a month… it got ridiculous. So I finally sat down and watched it one night. It was really good, but a little long. I loved Bette Davis–she was fabulous and a total witch–LOVED IT! Then I watched Let the Right One In on Netflix Instant Movies. This is a Swedish vampire film and really pretty good. It lags at points and the subtitles are hard on the eyes on the computer screen, but surprisingly a really sweet story at the gore. But beware–its really bloody. I then got The Philadelphia Story from Netflix. NOW! This one I loved!!! I completely understood Katherine Hepburn and felt like I totally new her. Plus Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart—so good and so funny! If you haven’t seen this one, go rent it or get on your Netflix.

So if you haven’t guessed, this post is a little bit of Netflix ad–and not because I’m being paid or anything, but because it is amazing. If you would want to watch more than three movies on DVD a month, then you are saving money. Plus, their instant movies gives you so much instantly. I pay less than $9 a month for all of these features and I can’t believed I went this long without. I’m actually going to go look at my instant movies right now to watch something. I LOVE NETFLIX!

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