I know. I know. I’ve been gone…but I’m back!!!

July 26, 2009 at 9:07 pm (FILM)

Sorry once again for being gone too long. My plans changed… many times and than a possible job opportunity popped up and more movies came out and I had so much to do and I really good friend of mine got married twice and I was part of the house party and…..welcome to the whirlwind that is my brain. So now I’m back. And I have seen 3, yes 3 movies and I am here to update.


So I’ve been waiting for this movie for like 2, maybe 3 years. Ever since I saw Order. Even in anticipation, I watched the first five movies and then read books 6 AND 7. Yes, I know how nerdy that sounds, but you would be shocked to know how many people do that….you probably did it or at least thought about. Come on…admit it. So come Tuesday night, I was ready. Oh was I and apparently I wasn’t the only one. (Imagine the costumes I saw come midnight…)

Half-Blood Prince picks literally where Order of the Phoenix left off. Harry is distraught at the death of his godfather, Sirius, and then goes off to spend the summer alone in London. When Dumbledore takes Harry with him to retrieve a new teacher, the “Chosen One’s” new mission just begins. This movie also chronicles Draco Malfoy’s coming of age as well as the three friends. Plus, there are new love interests in this movie.

Ok… I have to say I was disappointed in this one. I know that I must have hyped it up so much, but this movie is nothing like the book. It follows the same basic story line, but not a scene in this movie is the same in the book. The movie really focuses on the love relationships, but it misses important memories that Harry sees in the book; these memories delve into the history of Tom Riddle and family and how he became Voldemort. And while I know you cannot put everything in the book into the movie, these memories are CRITICAL for the seventh movie. I mean these memories give Harry a path to follow. Now without thinking about the book, the film has really funny moments and is beautifully shot. Seeing the three characters so old makes me feel like they have grown up with me. So that’s all good, but I am still seriously disappointed.

My Rating:  C     As much as I wish I could discount the book, I can’t and the book is way better.

(500) DAYS OF SUMMER- (PG-13)

I have to admit– I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I think he is a really good actor and super cute so (again) I was excited to see this one. Plus, Zooey Deschanel is adorable. This movie just looked so good and I made sure to see it on opening day.

So this movie is about Tom and Summer and as our all-too-poignant narrator points out— this is not a love story. But then again, it is about love–about how love comes and goes but in the end, it’s more about finding the right love. So the story starts with Tom and Summer’s break-up and flashes back to different points in their relationship to see how they came to this point.

This movie was super cute and makes you really happy to watch it. There are some serious laugh out loud moments but it’s not all laughs. It really shows all parts of the relationship-the good and the bad. Levitt didn’t disappoint and Deschanel was very good. It is the kind of movie that is not going to change the world, but you are at least going to have a good time and won’t feel terrible at the end.

My Rating:  B   FINALLY! A movie that I was really excited for that did not disappoint.


So I managed to get some tickets to a sneak preview of this movie last Friday (I know I am terribly late with this post). Again, I was excited for this one, but I was worried that I would be disappointed because of the awesomeness of 500 Days. Seeing two movies in one day can sometimes spoil the second one.

The Ugly Truth is about Abby, a producer of a rating-suck of a news program. When her boss decides to hire the local PBS sex talk show host to spice up the show, Abby’s intigrity goes out the window. Abby starts to fall for her hot doctor neighbor, but can’t figure out how to get him. When Mike offers his advice, they place a bet on it. They soon to find a sort of friendship in their deal and more begins to develop.

This is a pretty funny movie…I have to say. But I might have somewhat of a skewed vision of this movie. Sneak previews are always a lot of fun and movies seem funnier there. Its like a magical place. Again… this movie is funny, but not going to change your life by any means. Either way 2 hours of Gerard Butler… yummm.

My Rating:  C+   It is a fun Friday night… stop taking it so seriously.

Sorry I promise I will try and post more frequently!

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