Transformers: Revenge of the Sister’s Keeper Reviews

June 30, 2009 at 5:18 pm (FILM)

So I know I haven’t posted in a few days but Saturday, I woke up early and did a double feature (which turned into a triple feature when I went to see the Proposal again!) of Transformers 2 and My Sister’s Keeper.


I waited to see Transformers 2 until Saturday because well… it looked pretty terrible. Sequels are never very good anyways, but this one looked pretty stupid. But hey, as an entertainment addict, I vowed to see everything I can.

So the story is that Megatron is not as dead as you think. When Sam (Shia LaBeouf… who desperately tries to save this movie) finds a shard of the all spark, a chain of events is set off. Basically Megatron’s mentor once tried to eat our sun and since he know that part of the all spark is still on Earth, he decides to wake up Megatron and try to eat our sun again (????). Well, pretty much Michael Bay relies on the Megan Fox’s short shorts to carry the film and well… those shorts are better than her at acting.

Ok this movie really sucks… not as bad as Year One or anything cause that thing was nuclear. The action is hard to follow because the machines fighting really become one big blur when they are actually fighting. The movie also tries to steal from the best and make it their own but they truly failed. (You’d understand if you see it, but saying it would kind of ruin part of it). They use stupid plot twists and charactures. AND, I know Megan Fox was not hired for her acting skills…. but does she have to shout every line? We hear you Megan… even the aliens in space hear you. So just shut up already.

My Rating:  D+   I know you’ll probably see it cause the first was good, so I’ll just apologize for Michael Bay.


Well, everybody warned me about the tearfest that is My Sister’s Keeper. And I was ready, but I definitely did my fair share. This movie is terribly sad, but I think everyone expects that.

My Sister’s Keeper is about Anna, the younger sister to Kate who suffers from Lukemia. Anna, who was made in a test tube to be a doner from Kate, decides that she wants to be medically emanicpated from her parents, i.e. make the decisions for herself. Basically, the story revolves around this issue and how it starts to break apart. The story has a few twists. But just to let you know… the story revolves a lot about flashbacks instead of present time.

This movie is really, really sad. And, while the story is ok, there is not much reason to see this film unless you just really want to cry. One good thing out of this movie is that it really did make me appreciate my sister. I had the distinct urge to call her afterwards and tell her I love her. The acting is ok… Cameron Diaz tries hard but sometimes lacks compassion even for her sick child. And Jason Patric was kind of just in the film… not really participating. Abigal Breslin and Sofia Vassilieva shine far beyond their veteran actors though.

My Rating:  C   This is a tearfest… bring the Kleenex.

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