Jon minus Kate plus Eight = Damn Good Television? Years of therapy?

June 22, 2009 at 6:06 pm (HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP, TV)

So.. it’s official… well it’s on People so I say that’s official. Jon and Kate Gosselin have filed for divorce today. I am sure that is what is going to be on their “very special” special tonight at 7 pm on TLC. I would still probably check it out to make sure… I will that’s for sure.

I am sure this is no shock for anyone. When two people spend their 10th wedding anniversary apart from each other, you can only guess what was coming next. And honestly… Jon and Kate are both kind of repulsive so I don’t really feel bad for them. Kate was totally abusive to him for like the first however many seasons until this one. Then, what kind of douche (sorry to say that-but really) decides that while he is in the public eye to make out with 24-year-old girls before he files for divorce. Think about what those kids will see when they look back on this whole situation. That is who I feel sorry for. Those eight. They didn’t pick their parents…no one does, but when they ask about their parents divorce, they will have so much bombarded at them.I only hope they don’t get curious.

Here is the People link if you want to check it out.,,20286254,00.html

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