Taking of Pelham 123 and True Blood

June 21, 2009 at 5:19 pm (FILM, TV)


So this movie got “eh” reviews. It has a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes so I was kinda apprehensive about seeing this one…thus I saw it a few weeks late. And I got to say that most of the other reviewers are right.

Taking is a remake of the 1974 Walter Matthau action-thriller about a transport agent Walter Garber (Denzel Washington) who becomes the hostage negotiator when Ryder (John Travolta) and his band of merry terrorists takeover a subway car. Basically, Ryder takes 19 people hostage and tells Gaber he’s got a hour to get him $10 million. From there, a whole bunch of other story lines come in as well as a slue of other characters including John Turturro and James Galdofini.

Ok… so this is basically like every other movie Denzel has done in the past well decade. In the past decade, the only Denzel movie I have liked was Spike Lee’s Inside Man. This movie, however, lacks the bite that Lee’s script had or the great twists it had. There is good dialogue between Denzel and John, but they tried to hard to pack so much action into the movie that it became a little ridiculous. This movie feels like an episode 24, but not as good.

My Rating:C   This movie is very “eh”-worthy. If you’re bored and want to see an action movie, you could go see this or see Star Trek again…. I’d recommend the latter.


So one of my favorite shows True Blood is back! And I am super excited. I actually don’t have HBO (I saw the first season at my then-boyfriend’s house and now that is the only reason I miss him- his HBO subscription!) but I am probably going to subscribe for like a couple of months and then cancel it.

The first episode of the second season was last Sunday and it had a great ratings. It drew in 3.7 million viewers, the highest number since The Sopranos‘ season finale in 2007. I have to say-I’m super glad that I am not the only person in love with this show.

The script and storyline is great! Based off of the Sookie Stackhouse Books aka Southern Vampire Series (Dead Until Dark is the first in the series with 9 in all), the series uses that as a basis, but be forewarned!- it does differ from the novels as seen in the first episode of this season.

The series is based around Sookie Stackhouse, a human waitress in Louisiana whose life is turned upside-down when Bill comes into town. Probably because Bill just happens to be a vampire and Sookie just happens to fall for him. The first season is filled with surprises because Bill is not the only one that has a special kind of life… 😉

This is one to catch up on. Check out the season 2 trailer below!

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