Movie Review- Up!

June 2, 2009 at 6:57 pm (FILM, HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP, TV)

So Monday I decided to see the new Disney Pixar film Up! It had such great reviews and while I am not a big animation fan, I still wanted to check it out. I was determined to not have a completely bad time, so I went to the Drafthouse so I could have a good lunch and so I could see it in 3-D.

The story of Up! is about Carl Fredricksen, a life-long adventurer who happens to find his soul-mate when he is young and the beginning of the movie is a montage of their lives together. They get married and you discretely figure out that she is unable to have children (discretely meaning I don’t think the kids in the audience figured that out). The montage ends with her passing away at an old age and Carl is all alone. This part almost made me cry; it was so sad and sweet.

Carl then decides to take his house and himself on an adventure that he promised to take his wife on. And he accedntially take a young wilderness adventurer with him. From there, the story takes off and the 3-D gets really cool. The story is a great one for kids- its about life being the real adventure and treasuring the ones you love.

And for a person who doesn’t like animated movies, I really enjoyed this one. Kids will love the 3-D and adults will love the story. (Trust me… you’ll cry… like a baby). The characters are well-developed and while the story gets a little sidetracked in the middle, I think this is one that most people will enjoy.

My Rating: B+  It is a good movie folks and I graded higher because I was entertained and I don’t like animated movies.


  • Shocker! Spencer and Heidi have already quit “I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here!” after one episode. Apparently they didn’t realize that there was camping, wilderness and no hair gel on this show. Hum… I guess this reality show had a little bit too much reality for them. Daniel Baldwin will join his brother Stephen on the show to make up a killer duo.
  • On the nobody cares report, Miley Cyrus signed up for a fourth season of Hannah Montana. **crickets, crickets** Ok moving on…
  • Paris Hilton is now finding friends all over the world. She has just signed on for My New BFF- Dubai. With her US BFF and UK BFF, I think Paris could probably work out this whole Middle East mess through reality television… until she calls them gold-digging hos and dumps them for another chihuahua. Eh.. at least we can always depend on Paris.
  • Finally, Conan O’Brien has taken over The Tonight Show and it was already hilarious. His opening montage made me almost cry. I’m excited for someone actually funny to host that show! (All Jay Leno fans, please don’t flog me for that)

COMING SOON- Hopefully, I will see Drag Me to Hell this week. As far as other movie news, Land of the Lost, Away We Go, The Hangover and My Life in Ruins comes out this Friday so expect some reviews! ALSO, I plan on discussing Jon v. Kate vs. 8- who is really losing this public debate… spoiler- I think the kids are the better public speakers.

CHECK OUT- Devendra Banhart’s “Lover”- funky music that is good to relax to (if you recognize the name but can’t place it, he used to date Natalie Portman last year.)


  1. Deena said,

    Yay! I want to see up, so it’s good to see that even you liked it! The dog in the commercials with the collar that allows him to speak reminds us of Max. 🙂

    Oh, Entertainment Addict, I received an end of school gift today that is 2 tickets to the Angelika… suggestions? I am willing to travel to the Mockingbird Station Angelika since it seems the Plano Angelika has limited choices right now. Remember that I will probably be taking my darling hubby with me…

    • entertainmentaddict said,

      Well… assuming that you are not going at least until Friday (correct me if I am wrong), I would say wait a week a go see “Away We Go” –think “Little Miss Sunshine” meets “Revolutionary Road” with John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph (from SNL). It looks really good; I’m totally going to see it.

      But if you want to wait for a while, “Public Enemies” will come to the Dallas theatre on July 1. Now, if that movie sucks, I am going to be depressed. But even if it does, Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and Billy Crudup for 2 hours…. I’m in!

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